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A family is built on four important values which are honesty, tolerance, love and tradition, the very essence of a Malaysian Homestay. Discover a place without confined spaces, fences or brick walls made to divide a society, where kinship knows
no boundaries.
Approach the Malaysian Homestay experience with an open heart and mind. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the love and warmth of a family. Share their lives, their cultures and forge an eternal bond with these wonderful people.
Be touched by their enthusiasm and selflessness as an entire village comes together, young and old to make your Homestay
an experience a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime.
A registered Malaysia Homestay is registered and approved under the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and listed on the official directory of Homestays:
http://www.go2homestay.com/en/homestay_directory.php A registered Malaysia Homestay has...
  • A letter of approval from the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia to legally conduct Homestay activities, marketing and promotions.
  • An official emblem of the Malaysia Homestay Program mounted on their front door.
  • Cultural activities installed for their visitors which includes fishing, jungle trekking, cultural performances ect.
  • Check with the Malaysia Homestay operator if they are indeed official before making bookings of any sort.
    While planning a Malaysia Homestay gateway with your family and friends, be sure that your destination is official and
    certified by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. For more info on Malaysia Homestay, be sure to drop us a note at www.go2homestay.com/inquiries.
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