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Homestay Kedayan, located along the coast of Bungai in Sibuti district about 48 km from Miri resorts city is made up of three village- Kampung Peliau, Kampung Bungai and Kampung Jambu.

- Beautiful long beach to unwind
- Makan Taun (Tahun), the Kedayan
annual open house.
- Fishing and diving.
Encik Abdul Ghani
(HP): +6019-8247826
Partick Libau, an Iban longhouse located in the buffer zone of Niah National Park is an ideal visit for visitors and tourists to the historical Niah Cave.

- Niah cave(historical site)
- Adventure Caving
- Cultural activities
Tr Patrick Libau
Tel: +6085-738221
Rumah Lulut, an Iban settlement situated at the confluence of Sungai Tisa and Sungai Yong, tributaries of the mighty Rajang river.

- Sports fishing
- Deer farm
- Bamboo river safari
Encik Lulut Ak Ipoh
Tel: 084-796242/796230
Fax: 084- 796230
Senau is the perfect natural retreat for those seeking quiet and peaceful surrounding away from the busy city life.

- Sago plantation
- Arts and crafts
- Unique Melanau culture.
Cik Rafidah
Tel: +6084-871416
(HP): +6019-8447602
Bawang Assan, an Iban settlement 36km from Sibu is an ideal stop for visitors and tourists traveling by road to and from Kuching.

- Unique Iban culture
- Riverine sports fishing
- Pua weaving
Tr. Micheal Ancho Tabor / Encik Marchanty A.k Gindu
Tel: +6084-213740
(HP): +6014-5828105
Maludam, a Malay fishing village located near the Maludam National Park is an ideal place to stay for visitors and tourists who are going to the nature reserves.

- Proboscis monkey
- Crocodile watching
- River safari.
Penghulu Awg Karim
Tel: +6083-468005
(HP): +6013-5723785
Homestay Kampung Melayu Tebakang, about 80km away from Kuching is a quiet and peaceful village near Serian Town.

- Village tour.
- Participating in farm activities.
- Long boat river safari and picnic.
Puan Pauziah Bt. Mohd Yussup
Tel: +6082-875780
(HP): +6019-8582078
Kampung Panglima Seman Lama (ABAS Homestay) is a Malay village on the North Bank of the Sarawak River in the heart of Kuching City.

- Fort Margherita and the State
Legislative Assembly Complex
- Silat performance
- Making handicraft and embroidery.
Tuan Haji Mahmud Sabli
Tel: +6082-415719
(HP): +6013-8487247
Buntal, located at the mouth of the Sarawak river is a Malay fishing village with numerous seafood restaurants.

- Bird watching
- Fishing
- Trekking and mountain climbing.
Encik Junaidi Bunyak
(HP): +6013-8453417
Santubong, a Malay fishing village located at the mouth of the Sarawak River with the legendary Mount Santubong as a backdrop.

- Historic sites such as Sultan Tengah
( Tomb and Batu Bergambar)
- Traditional boat sailing
- Dolphin watching.
Puan Hajjah Jamilah Shukri
Tel: +6082-422495 / 423495
(HP): +6019-8879495
Kampung Siol Kandis is a multi-racial settlement in the heart of Kuching City where villagers drawn from different racial and religious backgrounds live harmoniously together.

- Day trip to Matang National Park,
Bako National Park or Sarawak
Cultural Village.
- Making of Kek Lapis (Layer Cake)
and processing of Terubuk masin.
- Village lifestyle in the city.
Puan Hajjah Romlah Bt Haji Kassim
Tel: +6082-447001
(HP): +6019-8183580
Email: romorchid@gmail.com
Kampung Darul Islam Belimbing (Homestay Belimbing) about 60km from Kuching is a Bidayuh Muslim settlement located in the Borneo Highlands.

- Raflesia, world's largest flower are.
found within the vicinity of the village.
- Trekking and mountain climbing.
- Bamboo raft safari.
Encik Raie Bin Omar
Tel: +6082-863796
(HP): +6019-8769167
Mongkos Longhouse offers visitors an opportunity to experience exotic culture, warmth and hospitality of the Bidayuh community in Sarawak.

- A 24 door longhouse.
- Pepper garden and tropical fruits
(during fruit season).
- Gawai/Harvest Festival
(celebrated in May-June).
Puan Siti Sedon
Tel: +6082-874263
(HP): +6019-8582078
The Annah Rais Longhouse, located in the hilly areas of Penrissen about 60km from Kuching City is reputed to be the oldest Bidayuh longhouse in existence.

- Waterfall and crystal clear streams.
- Hotsprings.
- Bamboo rafting.
Cr. Edward Kurek / Emily / John Awang
(HP): +6016-8674175 /+6016-8552195 / +6016-8249384
Email: wen.ahwang@yahoo.com
Benuk, 34km from Kuching City is the nearest Homestay for visitors or tourist who wish to experience life in a traditional Bidayuh longhouse.

- Museum housing unique Bidayuh
- Bamboo bridge walk.
- Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center
nearby the village.
Cr. Isabell Jalau Ak. Mejat
Tel: +6082-756823
(HP): +6019-8498413 / +6014-6881488
Email: benukhomestay@yahoo.com
Telaga Air, a Malay Fishing village about 30km from Kuching City is also one of the first Homestays ever established in Sarawak. A popular destination for sports fishing.

- Open sea fishing/sports fishing.
- Mountain climbing.
- The Matang National Park and
Wildlife Center are located nearby.
Encik Mahmud Montot
Tel: +6082-383054
(HP): +6014-8861975
Encik Munir of Homestay Tanah Hitam in Sematan is unlike any other homestay operator because he is the only homestay operator in the village. He welcomes guests anytime to the house prior to reservation.

- A visit to the crab farm.
- Fishing
- Cultural activities.
Tel: +6082-711088 / +6082-711152
(HP): +6017-8070463
Pueh, a village located near the coastal town of Sematan about 120km from Kuching. Salako is one of the 27 ethnic groups in Sarawak and they are mostly found in the Pueh enclave.

- Miles of sandy beaches.
- Fishing
- A visit to the Gading National Park.
Encik Meot Ak Nuber
Tel: +6082-711101
(HP): +6014-8788252
Telok Melano, A Malay fishing village located on the southern most tip of Sarawak is blessed with all the beauty, charm and attractions of a tropical paradise.

- Miles of white sandy beaches and
crystal clear waters.
- Swimming, snorkeling or diving.
- Deep water fishing.
Encik Azman Hashim Syer
Tel: +6082-711152
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