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You have been selected as one of the qualifying winners for the go2homestay.com Johor Contest. You will be contacted by M.o.A.d Technologies soon for further instructions and information. On behalf of go2homestay.com and the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia we thank you for your participation.
Harlinashahrazad Binti Hamzah (I/C:721025-14-XXXX)
George Ong Jun Chong (I/C:880829-52-XXXX)
Lee Chien Hong (I/C:900228-08-XXXX)
Shankar A/L Tanesan (I/C:XXXXXX-XX-XXXX)
Muhammad Danial Yap Kok Soon (I/C:810625-14-XXXX)
Mohd Nazril Harun (I/C:800515-14-XXXX)
Huraizah Mat Hassan (I/C:760421-03-XXXX)
Shimanorhiza (I/C:791114-08-XXXX)
Azinu (I/C: 790722-03-XXXX)
Mohammed Ismail Bin Abdul Haiyee (I/C: 720131-10-XXXX)
Terms & Conditions
The SMS and MMS participation of this contest is only available for all Maxis and Celcom users. There are NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES. Standard SMS and MMS charges apply. To remove your mobile number from our system, simply sms STOP HS to 33307 (for Maxis and Celcom users only). The Terms & Conditions for the go2homestay.com Contest are as follows:
1.To participate in the contest, send ON HS to 33307 and answer two questions. Participants will be judged based on the quantity and correct answers. You are welcome to send in as many entries as you desire. Entries close 16th of May.
2.The 10 winners of the qualifying round are eligible to compete for the Grand Prize where participants must travel to the featured Homestay as per the 3D/2N holiday package (anytime between the months of May and June 2010) and capture a maximum of 3 photos of their best “Homestay Experience”. Photos must then be sent to contest@go2homestay.com via email. The most creative and interesting photos will win the Grand Prize. Entries close 30th of June.
3.By submitting your entry, you hereby accept, acknowledge and agree that the following rules apply to the contest, and any instructions on how to enter this contest from part of these terms and conditions.
4.The contest is open to all Malaysians & Non Malaysians age 18 and above. Those who are below the age of 18 require parental consent to participate in the go2homestay.com Contest. The who are NOT eligible to participate are permanent and/or temporary employees of NewsZapped Media, the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, MoAd Technologies and their immediate family members.
5.The traveling costs (to and from) the featured Homestay venue are to be borne by the travelers. The 3D/2N Homestay holiday package covers the usual accommodation and food costs by the featured Homestay venue operator. Additional costs that are incurred at the Homestay are to be borne by the travelers. The featured Homestay venue is a licensed and registered Homestay operator by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia (MOTOUR). The list of licensed and registered Homestay operators is also available at http://www.go2homestay.com and http://homestay.uum.edu.my/
6.The organizer and the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia are not liable for any injuries, accidents & damages sustained during the journey and at the Homestay location by the travelers.
7.The winner of the Grand Prize will be judged based on the quality and creativity of the submitted photos. Final judging and decision is by the Contest Committee and Organizer and shall be deemed final and conclusive under any circumstances. No complaint, appeal and/or correspondence from any participants will be entertained. The winning photos will be published on the website www.go2homestay.com and the winners of both the Grand and Qualifying rounds will be informed via email and SMS.
8.The organizer and the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia reserves its right to amend the Terms and Conditions of the go2homestay.com Contest and substitute or replace the prizes at any given time without any prior notice.
9.The organizer and the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia reserves its right to revise, change and even modify the contest mechanism and prizes without prior notice.
10.The organizer and the Ministry of Tourism of Malaysia reserves its right to cancel, terminate or suspend the go2homestay.com Contest with or without prior notice or reason. For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation, termination or suspension by the organizer and the Ministry of Tourism of Malaysia shall not entitle participants to any claim or compensation for any and all losses or damages suffered or incurred as a direct or indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension.
11.Prizes are not exchangeable and/or transferable. Failure to redeem the prizes within 3 Months of notification will result in an immediate forfeit without compensation.
12.All information will be treated as private and confidential and for internal use only.
13.Submissions of photos and video content for the contest are deemed as original works of the participants, any infringement of copyrights or the contest submissions not originated by the participants are not the responsibility of the organizers and organizations that include the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and MoAd Technologies Sdn. Bhd. The contest committee reserves its rights to ban, cancel and remove photos and video content submitted for the contest if and when such infringements of copyrights may occur.

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